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Sound Devices - 633 Production Field Mixer/Recorder
Six-Input 633 Compact Mixer With 10-Track Recorder & Automixing The 633 is designed for audio..
Sound Devices - 664 Production Field Mixer/Recorder
12-Input 664 Field Production Mixer With 16-Track Recorder The 664 was the first of the popular 6..
Sound Devices - 688 Production Field Mixer/Recorder
12-Input Field Production Mixer with 16-Track Recorder & Automixing The 688 combines performa..
Sound Devices - 788T-SSD Audio Recorder
Eight Input, Twelve-Track Recorder with Timecode The 788T-SSD is the right choice for demanding p..
Sound Devices - CL-12 and CL-12 Alia
The CL-12 features 12 100-mm linear faders, bright LED metering, and numerous dedicated, fast-access..
Sound Devices - CL-6 Input Controller
Input Controller for 688 and 664 Field Mixers. Adds dedicated front panel controls for inputs 7-12 ..
Sound Devices - CL-8 External Controller for 788T
A powerful mixing control surface for the 788-SSD (or discontinued 788T). Rotary faders for each of ..
Sound Devices - Scorpio - Premium Portable Mixer / Recorder
Sound Devices is pleased to announce the highly-anticipated Scorpio: a 32 channel, 36 track portable..
Yamaha - 01V96i Digital Mixing Console
Sometimes everything just comes together-and when it does, the new 01V96i is there to capture that..
Yamaha - QL1 Digital Mixing Console
The Yamaha sound begins with reproduction that is faithful to the source. QL Series consoles feature..

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