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Cinela - OSIX 1
Suspension dedicated for Neumann KM 100 series OSIX 1 has been designed for the NEUMANN KM 100 mi..
Cinela - OSIX 2
Suspension dedicated for Schoeps CMC (without CUT1 or GVC) OSIX 2 has been designed for the SCHOE..
Cinela - OSIX 2-416
Suspension for MKH 416 or KMR81 OSIX 2-416 is an adaptation of the OSIX 2, for the Sennheiser MKH..
Cinela - OSIX 3
Suspension dedicated for Sennheiser MKH 50 OSIX 3 has been designed for the SENNHEISER MKH 20-50 ..
Cinela - OSIX 3-60
Suspension adapted for Sennheiser MKH 60 OSIX 3-60 has been designed specifically for the SENNHEI..
Cinela - OSIX CMIT
Suspension for Schoeps CMIT or CMC+CUT1 or Sanken CS-3e OSIX CMIT is an adaptation of the OSIX 3,..
K-Tek - KMT Shock Mount
The K-Tek K-Mount Suspension System is a rugged and affordable shockmount for most shotgun, stereo a..
K-Tek - KSM Shock Mount
With the KSM, the microphone is held firmly in two specially formulated polymer mounts attached to p..
K-Tek - KSSM Shock Mount (Small)
A short version of the KSM, this lightweight shock mount is optimized to fit relatively short microp..
K-Tek - KSUS Suspenders (2-Pack)
This is a pair of K-Tek Microphone Suspenders designed to work with the K-GPS and K-GPSS shock mount..

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