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DPA - SCM0008 Miniature Microphone Clip - Double Lock
The SCM0008 is a clip with double lock specially designed for quick and easy mounting of a DPA Minia..
DPA - SCM0017 Miniature Mic Holder
Holder for DPA miniature microphones. The SCM0017 creates distance from the capsule to minimize..
LMC - 4S Furry Mount for Sanken COS-11
The LMC 4S Furry Mount is designed to work with the Sanken COS-11 lavalier microphone.  It can ..
The C Mount DPA gives you a simple and effective way to mount and hide your DPA lavalier microp..
The C Mount ME2 gives you a simple and effective way to mount and hide your ME 2 microphone und..
LMC - C MOUNT Universal Lavalier Mount
The C Mount holds in place many round and rectangular lavalier mics that measure between 5.5mm and u..
LMC - C MOUNT with Vampire Clip
The C Mount with Vampire Clip holds in place many different types of round and rectangular lavalier ..
LMC - ISO Mount for Sanken COS-11
This LMC ISO Mount was designed specifically for use with the Sanken COS-11 lavalier mic.  It i..
LMC - ISO Mount-WS for Sanken COS-11
The ISO Mount-WS was designed for the Sanken COS 11 with windscreen.  It may be used as a neckt..
LMC - RMSL for Sanken COS 11
The RMSL is a slimmed down version of the Sanken RM-11 rubber mount.  LMC cut down the wid..

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