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Take a look at what we have on consignment. This page will be changing as we sell equipment and get new equipment in, so be sure to come back often to see what we have in stock!

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Used - Ambient NanoLockit - Miniature Timecode Generator & Transceiver
Excellent Condition. The NanoLockit is designed to be the most intuitive, reliable, and easy-to-u..
Used - Comtek BST25-216 Base Station Transmitter - C-140
Excellent condition. Comtek BST25-216 base station w/ power supply, screw on telescoping antenna,..
Used - Comtek Phase Right Antenna - C-143
Great condition. Comtek Phase Right antenna and case.  ..
Used - Lectrosonics M152 lav - C-140
Excellent condition. Lectrosonics M152 wired TA5 for Lectro. Black. Clip and windfoam included.&n..
Used - Petrol PS617 (Lightweight Deca Bag Large) - C-143
Lightly used, excellent condition. Optimally designed for the Sound Devices 664 mixer, with or wi..
Used - Phonak Flex Invisity In-ear Receiver - C-140
Phonak Flex Invisity In . Great condition. 3 in stock. ..
Used - Porta Brace RMB-TRX742 - C-140
Porta Brace RMB-TRX742 plug-on transmitter pouch. Designed to work with the Zaxcom TRX742/3 plug-on ..
Used - Rycote Windjammer 055379 - C-140
Rycote small windjammer. This was originally for use with the Zoom H6, but it would be a great wind ..
Used - Rycote WS2 windshield set - C-140
Rycote WS2 complete windshield set w/ pistol grip and lyres for Sennheiser MKH series microphones. I..
Used - Zaxcom TRXLA2.5 w/ OLED Screen - C-140
Zaxcom TRXLA2.5 with OLED screen, antenna and no card. Great condition. 4 in stock. ..

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