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Take a look at what we have on consignment. This page will be changing as we sell equipment and get new equipment in, so be sure to come back often to see what we have in stock!

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Used - Comtek Phase Right Antenna - C-143
Great condition. Comtek Phase Right antenna and case.  ..
Used - Porta Brace RMB-TRX742 - C-140
Porta Brace RMB-TRX742 plug-on transmitter pouch. Designed to work with the Zaxcom TRX742/3 plug-on ..
Used - Rycote Windjammer 055379 - C-140
Rycote small windjammer. This was originally for use with the Zoom H6, but it would be a great wind ..
Used - DPA 4063 lav wired for Zaxcom - C-140
DPA 4063 lavalier wired for Zaxcom (locking Lemo3) and high boost cap. Black. Excellent condition. 1..
Used - ERX - Camera Y cable - C-136
Cable for Zaxcom ERX out to camera Y (BNC/XLR M) for timecode and audio. ..
Used - ERX Alexa Mini Cable - C-136
Great condition. Cable for Zaxcom ERX out to Alexa Mini Y cable (Lemo 5pin - Lemo mini 5pin RA) T..
Used - JK Audio THAT-2 - Telephone Handset Audio Tap C-123
Excellent condition. THAT-2 connects between your telephone and the handset for quick acess to au..
Used - Nomad 12 Kit - C-147
Excellent Condition. This kit includes (1) Nomad 12, (1) FP8, (1) Win Book Tablet, and other acce..
Used - Tram  TR-50 Lav Mic
Excellent condition. The TRAM® TR50 miniature professional lavalier microphone answers the n..
Used - Zaxcom Oasis - C-147
Excellent Condition. ..

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