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Ambient - EMP5S
Converts Phantom 48 volts to electret power for Lectrosonics lavs through an XLR M - TA5F adapt..
DPA - DAD3056 Lectrosonics MicroDot Adapter
This is a MicroDot to TA-5F Switchcraft DPA lav adapter for Lectrosonics LM, SM, and UM series (for ..
RODE - MiCon-7 (Lectrosonics TA5 Connector)
The RØDE MiCon connector system provides seamless integration between the RØDE HS1 headset, PinMic, ..
Sound Guys Solutions (SGS) - ANTONB-LEC(L) Cable
Anton Bauer P-Tap to Lectrosonics SR receiver 12" cable.  For camera power to the SR re..
Sound Guys Solutions (SGS) - C-HRS-LEC(L) Cable
4-pin Hirose to Lectrosonics SR receivers for camera power. 10" in length.   ..
Sound Guys Solutions (SGS) - C-HRS-LEC(Y) Cable
4-pin Hirose to a molded "Y" cable with right angle plugs for camera power to Lectrosonics r..
Sound Guys Solutions (SGS) - HRS-HRS Cable
MD-6 Hirose output for Sound Devices 664, 633, 552, 700 series, 302, MixPre (v2), 442, MM1 (..
Sound Guys Solutions (SGS) - HRS-LEC Cable
MD-6 Hirose output cable with right angle plug.  For use with Lectrosonics 100, 200, 40..
Sound Guys Solutions (SGS) - HRS-LEC(L) Cable
MD-6 Hirose output cable with right angle plug. For use with Lectrosonics 2.1 Locking Connectors. ..
Sound Guys Solutions (SGS) - HRS-LEC(Y) Cable
MD-6 Hirose "Y" output cable with right angle plugs on both ends, and molded splitter.  For use..

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