The GR-2 is a precision time code generator/reader designed for production sound recording. Low power consumption with back lighting assures users of long battery life in a small reliable package.


DISPLAY: The display is a two-line, 12 digit low power LCD module that shows timecode/user bits, mode and rate. The user can turn the backlight on or off.

GEN: Generate timecode at 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30 drop and non-drop.

CLOCK: Internal clock time (24 Hr), date (Day\Month, Month\Day). The internal clock is used to set the timecode clock at turn on.

READ: Reads SMPTE/EBU timecode at normal operating speeds. Displays timecode, user bits, and frame rate.

JAM: Jam syncs to external code and can cross jam different code rates. In JC mode, any break in code will jam to a new value.

GU: Inserts externally read timecode in to the user bits of the current internal time code. This is useful for music playback with live action recording.

DELTA: Displays a comparison of the internal timecode to external timecode.

HOLD: Ability to hold the timecode display. The timecode clock and output do not stop while in hold mode.

TC Input

15dB @ 4.7K input impedance (LEMO) Internal


CR1220 life approx 1 year

TC Outputs

2V into 1K-load impedance (LEMO & BNC)

TCXO Crystal

Crystal: +/- 1PPM @ -30 to +75 C

Battery Power

2 "AA" batteries (48+ hours)


3.25" X 3" X 1.75"


0.50 lbs (with batteries)

External Power

6-18V DC (40mA backlight on)

Denecke - GR-2 Time Code Generator/Reader

  • Brand: Denecke
  • Product Code: GR-2
  • $760.00