• Comtek - Mini-Mite 216MHz Antenna

The COMTEK Mini-Mite 216 is a 1/2 wave antenna for use with the BST-25/216 and M-216 Option 7 transmitters. Because the Mini-Mite utilizes 1/2 wave technology, it does not need to have an antenna ground and can be mounted to metallic or non metallic sound carts using a standard mic stand mounting flange.

The total length of the wire whip needed for this antenna is only 23.5", and it comes with a standard coax cable of 14 ft or can be made shorter upon request.

Convenience, excellent performance, and rugged construction - all in one mighty little package! 

Comtek - Mini-Mite 216MHz Antenna

  • Brand: Comtek
  • Product Code: MINI-MITE 216
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