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NeoPax - DB (Dual Battery)

NeoPax - DB (Dual Battery)
NeoPax - DB (Dual Battery)
Product Code: DB110B, DB110W, DB110N, DB220B, DB220W, DB220N, DB330B, DB330W,
Sales SKU: NEO DB110B, NEO DB110W, NEO DB110N, NEO DB220B, NEO DB220W, NEO

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NeoPax wireless transmitter belts are designed for securing and concealing wireless transmitters on talent for film, television, and live productions. The belt and pouch are made of soft neoprene that is thin and comfortable.  The belt is able to attach to itself anywhere along it's length, and the pouch acts as insulation from transmitters that tend to heat up. The belts are machine washable using the gentle cycle and should be hung out to dry. Each belt includes (2) matching color hook and loop straps for securing the transmitter in the pouch. 

The NeoPax DB belts work with:

• Lectrosonics SMDa, SMQa and SMQv
• Zaxcom TRX900 (LA and LT series), ZFR-200/300
• Sennheiser 5212

Available in three colors: Black, White, and Beige
Available in four sizes: Waist (40"), Thigh (25"), Ankle (17"), and Big-Boy (60")

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