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Rycote - Micro Windjammer

Rycote - Micro Windjammer
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Rycote's Micro Windjammer provides easy-to-fit, all-in-one wind protection for your DSLR or small camera's built-in microphone making it possible to capture usable audio in all types of weather.  Just stick the re-usable fur cover over the mic hole on the camera body, and you are ready to record.  The Micro Windjammer is also compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and most other mobile phone devices.

Micro Windjammer Pack comes with (30) stickies and (6) re-usable grey fur covers

Width: 20 mm
Length: 25 mm

Suitable for:
Microphone Diameters: 10mm or smaller
Maximum Wind-noise Attenuation: 10dB

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