The SpeakEasy™ v4BT is much like the v3b, with Blue Tooth connectivity and is bi-amped for higher fidelity. It is housed in a cast aluminum enclosure with a durable black finish. At under 5 pounds, the unit is small enough to hide on set and rugged enough to pack in a case with the rest of your gear.

Flexible Inputs
The back of the unit has the Blue Tooth indicators and controls and two combo jacks for connecting mic, line or instrument level inputs. The mic trim provides up to 40dB of amplification. The inputs are isolated from one another so they can be used at the same time. The battery compartment accepts two 9V batteries. A 2.1mm coaxial connector (center pin +) accepts external 9-18VDC. A circuit protects against reverse polarity.

Efficient Power
SpeakEasy powered speakers are very efficient. With an idle current drain of less than 100ma, the SpeakEasy™ v4BT will operate on a pair of 9V batteries up to 8 hours of intermittent use without Blue Tooth, or 4 hours, typically, with Blue Tooth in use. Typical intermittent use allows a pair of 9V batteries to last a full production day.


  • Use on your cart to listen without headphones.
  • Place it anywhere on set (Blue Tooth range typically exceeds 50 feet) for cueing and stage announce.
  • Plant it in a car during tow scenes so the director can talk to actors (when used with PTT mic).
  • Connect one (or two for stereo) to your computer or iPod for remote listening and editing.
  • Monitor programming during remote radio and television broadcasts.
  • Plant it inside a piano for realistic track playback.

Remote Audio - SpeakEasy V4BT Bluetooth Speaker

  • $375.00

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