The Single Sided Dual StraddleBag is designed to carry two wireless receivers side by side, such as the Lectrosonics 411a/SRb or Zaxcom RX900/QRX100.  Each StraddleBag has a sturdy strap that attaches to the handle of the camera, to ensure it stays in place, in addition to a small piece of Velcro that can secure it to the battery.  It is a perfect solution for cameras with smaller batteries that can not accommodate the standard SWB2 Dual StraddleBag. Pockets are 2"D x 3"W x 5"H.

A smaller side pocket lets you easily store antennas when not in use in addition to a clear window that allows you to display your business card or other pertinent info for your shoot.

MTO - Single Sided Dual StraddleBag

  • $68.00