The Stingray ERX2 Holder can house the Zaxcom ERX while adding an extra layer of protection. A Velcro backing and a removable 1/4-20 threaded insert facilitate various mounting options for the Zaxcom ERX. The silicon-like main compartment has a secure hold on the ERX while offering an additional protection layer. An oversized lip on top allows for easy access to the knob and switch while protection against accidental bumping.While the Velcro backing makes it easy to flat-mount most surfaces covered in Velcro (like the back of a camera monitor), the 1/4-20 threaded insert makes it convenient to mount to a camera frame and is ideal for use with an optional magic arm. The KSERX2 is compatible with all Zaxcom ERX versions.

K-Tek - KSERX2 Stingray Holder with Velcro & 1/4-20 Thread

  • Brand: K-Tek
  • Product Code: KSERX2
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  • $38.00