• Lectrosonics - M2Ra Digital IFB/IEM Receiver


  • IEM (Wireless Monitor) receiver with digital RF
  • IR (infrared) port for fast setup
  • High resolution, color LCD
  • Stereo or mono operation
  • Low latency of 1.4 ms with analog inputs
  • P48 Phantom power protection on headphone output
  • Analog IFB compatibility mode available
  • AES256 Encrypted or non-encrypted operation
  • Flexlist for recalling IFB or IEM feeds by name

The M2Ra bodypack receiver employs advanced antenna diversity switching during digital packet headers for seamless audio. The digital audio stream guarantees high resolution sound quality with wide dynamic range, low noise floor, and rock-solid stereo image. The receiver can select from stereo, mono from left channel only, or mono from right channel only, giving the unit flexibility in terms of the application. The headphone jack is fed from a high-quality stereo amplifier with 250 mW available to drive headphones or earphones to sufficient levels for stage performance or other environments with significant background noise. A high-resolution, color LCD allows for a wide range of menu options, including precise limiter settings, using detailed graphics. The M2Ra runs on two AA lithium or rechargeable batteries. Improvements over the original M2R include better RF performance, P48 protection on the headphone output, reorganized menu structure, and a black anodized finish for a lower visual profile.

Included Accessories

  • 2 - 35983 Case Insulating Pad M2R
  • 2 - AA Lithium Metal Batteries
  • 35854 .035 Allen Hex Key
  • Instruction Manual 


Operating Spectrum (dependent on Locale): NA: 470.100 - 607.950 MHz A1B1: EU: 470.100 - 614.375 MHz AU: 520.000 - 614.375 MHz JA : 470.100 - 614.375 MHz EU: 537.600 - 691.175 MHz B1C1: AU: 537.600 - 691.175 MHz J A: 537.600 - 691.175 MHz

Modulation Type: 8PSK with Forward Error Correction

Encryption Type: AES-256 in CTR mode

Latency: (overall system)

Digital Source: 1.0 ms plus Dante network

Analog Source: <1.6 ms

Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 12 KHz, +0, -3dB THD+N: 0.15% (1kHz @ -10 dBFS)

Dynamic Range: >95 dB weighted Adjacent Channel Isolation >85dB

Diversity Type: Switched antenna phase, during packet headers

Audio Output: 3.5 mm stereo jack

Power requirements: 2 x AA batteries (3.0V)

Battery life: 7 hours; (2) Lithium AA

Power consumption: 1 W Dimensions: Height: 3.0 in. / 120 mm. (with knob) Width: 2.375 in. / 60.325 mm. Depth: .625 in. / 15.875 mm. Weight: 9.14 ounces / 259 grams (with batteries)

Lectrosonics - M2Ra Digital IFB/IEM Receiver

  • $1,214.00

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