K-Tek introduces Stingray Heat Block Transmitter Pouches, a new way to protect the talent from heat produced by wirelessers microphone transmitters worn on set.

Wireless microphone manufacturers have made great strides in producing smaller and more powerful transmitters for their devices that are often body worn. However, this technology can generate uncomfortable heat when positioned next to the body. To solve this issue, K-Tek designed HeatBlock transmitter pouches.

After extensive research and field-testing, K-Tek devised the new Stingray HeatBlock line. The secret is a patented, heat resistant material that is both soft to the touch, and flexible enough to comfortably be worn against the body. The proprietary three layer material is specifically engineered to withstand a continual temperature of 240°C (464F°), well above the range at which the electronics are specified.

K-Tek - KSHPM Stingray Heat Block Transmitter Pouch: Medium

  • Brand: K-Tek
  • Product Code: KSHPM
  • $32.90