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Rycote - 3/8" Tips for PCS-Boom Connector (Pair)

Rycote - 3/8" Tips for PCS-Boom Connector (Pair)
Product Code: 3/8" Tips for PCS
Sales SKU: RYC 185805
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The Pair of 3/8” Tips for PCS-Boom Connector are identical to the removable male tip provided with the Rycote PCS-Boom Connector (Connector not supplied) . With a PCS-Boom Connector (not supplied), attached to your boom pole, these spare tips allow you to prepare your various shock-mounts, windshield kits etc., for fast and simple PCS attachment and release.


  • 2 x 3/8” male PCS ‘Tips’, each with leather washer fitted


  • 3/8” male thread, for attachment to any 3/8” female threaded accessory (shock mount, windshield kit etc.)
  • Tips attach and release into the Rycote PCS-Boom Connector (available separately) on your boom pole
  • Leather washer fitted, to allow for secure attachment when fixed and tightened
  • Tough, durable PCS tips made of anodized aluminium
  • Circular hole bored through tip allows for insertion of a tool (e.g. screwdriver), to help tighten firmly

Scheduled to ship October 29th.

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