• Denecke - PS-1A

The Dcode PS-1A Microphone Power Supply offers low noise 48 volt power supply. The PS-1A runs on one 9volt battery and has enough power to run high current microphones. The small size, light-weight, rugged construction and very low noise make it perfect for powering microphones feeding radio mics, tape machines, and mixing panels. It is also a great go-to device for creating a wireless boom with a standard wireless transmitter.  Long battery life and a bright low battery LED indicator ensure that the microphone is properly powered during your recording session.


• Low noise, well-regulated electronics and precision resistors are used to satisfy the most demanding Digital
• LED blinks at turn on and turn off
• Durable belt clip included
• Simple drop in compartment for quick change of batteries
• External power jack for studio use. (PS-1A & PS-2 only)
• Internal 15 dB pad switch (PS-1A & PS-T only)
• Low battery indicated by a steady glow of the LED
• Reverse battery to turn off (no drain)

Denecke - PS-1A

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