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Ambient - ACL 204 Lockit Box

Ambient - ACL 204 Lockit Box
Ambient - ACL 204 Lockit Box
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The ACL204 is based around a highly accurate, tunable, temperature compensated crystal. This way it is used to synchronize different devices without any cables or fragile wireless transmission. It not only covers all timecode rates and sync formats but it also allows the user to apply an offset to the TC output to allow for the processing delay created in some HD cameras.

3D camera rigs can be made lighter and neater by utilizing the 2nd TC output, and the sync OP that can be switched to drive a dual load. The integrated transceiver and the 2nd Lemo socket can be used to interface with the Ambient Clockit Network System (ANC). It also allows the ACL 204 to work as a fully functional, generator buffered wireless Time Code transceiver.

A front loaded OLED display will give instant visual feedback about the current configuration and assist while moving through the menu to make adjustments. This is now done on the fly with an easy to operate one-finger navigation system, no more need for screwdrivers or power cycling the unit. An intelligent algorithm will prevent configuration of improper, mismatched TC and Sync rates or unintended alterations to the setup.

Still being a simplistic TC and Sync box at the core driven by 2 AA cells in the familiar rugged footprint the ACL204 can be considered the pinnacle of portable synchronization.


• Highly accurate time code generator
• Generator buffered time code transceiver
• Drift of less than 1 frame a day (~0,1ppm)
• Supports all used frame rates
• Supports all used video sync and wordclock formats
• OLED Display readable even in brightest sunlight
• Adjustable time code offset
• Dual Sync Mode, 2 TC Out for 3D use
• Built in antenna
• RS232 and USB port
• Full Ambient Clockit Network support
• Works 30 hours on 2 AA batteries
 Robust machined and anodized Aluminum body


Supported Settings



23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 59.94, 50, 60

1080i / PsF

23.98, 24, 25(50i), 29.97(59.94i), 30(60i)


23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 59.94, 60


25 Fps


29.97, 30 Fps

Word Clock

32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 KHz, pull-up / pull-down

Black Audio AES3

24 Bit, sample rates as above


Additional Specs



3.94" x 2.91" x 1.42" (100 x 74 x 36 mm)


8.8 oz (.55 lbs) w/o batteries

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