The KP12, KlassicPro boom pole has a collapsed length of 37″ / 94 cm and an extended length of 9′ / 3.6 m and only weighs 1.8 lbs / 0.82 kg. This 6-section boom pole features a removable headpiece for cable reconfiguration without soldering. The top attachment is a 3/8″ – 16 male thread and the bottom has a removable rubber bumper. Made in the USA.

The New K-Tek Klassic poles offer increased interchangeability with its removable headpiece. Gone are the soldered and sealed poles of the past. Today’s redesigned headpiece, after removing a standard sized set screw, simply threads on and off the tube smoothly. The cable of choice can be removed or installed—without soldering. The boom pole is readily transformed to un-cabled, coil cabled or with a transmitter at the top or the bottom. There are no more time-consuming transformations and no need to purchase a completely new system just to comply with a cabling change.

K-Tek has designed poles that are more rigid and have a shorter collapsed length that is desired in today’s production environment. KlassicPro’s maintain the original light weight of the tubes, yet the new design features added strength. Also, adding a sixth section and wider tubes increases the stiffness and optimizes handling balance. The result is quicker cuing and more user control of the microphone.

Another new benefit is a change to the locking collars. The traditional K-Tek captive collett has been modified with a thicker yet smoother surface allowing for more subtle, gradual extension of each section. A new anodizing process combined with changing the exterior dimples to oval divets gives a better grip and smoother feel when opening and closing each collar. The finish between the tubes has also been modified so the KlassicPro sleekly glides open and closed. New KlassicPro poles are hand-burnished to diffuse handling noise.

Compatible with the KPCK12 cable kit and bottom (KPCCR) module to allow for a coil cable option with a side XLR exit.

K-Tek - KP12 KlassicPro 12' Graphite, 6 Section, Uncabled, Boom Pole

  • Brand: K-Tek
  • Product Code: KP12
  • $679.90

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