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Wisycom - MPR51-ENG Wideband ENG Receiver

Wisycom - MPR51-ENG Wideband ENG Receiver
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MPR51-ENG is a compact wideband receiver designed for professional ENG, broadcast, and field production applications.
This receiver features a real TRUE DIVERSITY configuration along with a unique wide-band tuning range of 230 MHz of bandwidth.

The software selectable

  • analogue and digital outputs
  • wideband and narrowband DSP-FM operation

gives users options based on their project needs.

The receiver also offers convenient function buttons, including a dedicated frequency scan option.
Battery management is flexible as it features standard battery packs that can be charged with the dedicated charger or through the micro-USB-B connector.


  • True diversity receiver
  • DSP Analogue & Digital Audio Output (AES3)
  • 230 MHz bandwidth
  • Wideband and Narrowband DSP-FM operation (SW selectable):
    – Narrowband allows more 50% band efficiency
    – Narrowband allows about 3dB extra sensitivity and noise immunity
  • High contrast OLED display
  • Automatic scan & transmitter programming through infrared
  • DSP based for extreme flexibility and multicompanding operations
  • Miniature design with integrated battery pack:
    – rechargeable lithium pack
    – 2 x AA batteries
  • Operation and charger (lithium) thru USB connector
  • Monitor & control through USB and Wisycom Manager 2.0 (computer SW):
    – This transform MPR51 in a quick portable spectrum scanner!
Frequency ranges 470 ÷ 700 MHz
Switchable channels 2400 managed in 40 groups ofr 60 frequencies completely user customizable
Switching-window Up 230 MHz
Frequencies microprocessor controlled frequency synthesizer circuit, with 25 kHz minimum step;
frequencies is easily PC reprogrammed with USBmini interface or optional UPKmini programmer
Frequency error < ± 2.5 ppm, within the rated temperature range
Modulation FM mono, wideband or narrowband IFB (SW selectable)
Peak deviation ±54 kHz (wideband), ± 40 kHz (narrowband)
Antenna input impedance 50 ohm sma type (SWR < 1:2; typ. 1:1.4)
Sensitivity 2 μV ( 6 dBμV), for SND/N > 52 dB;
in the whole switching-window **
Amplitude response < 0.5 dB (for RF input signal:6 dBμV ÷ 100 dBμV)
Co-channel rejection > 80 dB typical (for channel spacing ≥ 400 kHz)
Spurious emissions < 2 nW (typical = 0.1 pW)
Noise Reduction system ENR / ENR-1.2 (Wisycom Extended-NR) , noise optimized
ENC / ENC-1.2 (Wisycom Extended-NC), voice optimized & with reduced pre-emphasis
ENS (for live application)
⇒ Others, compatible with most systems, thru an internal DSP emulation of SA572, SA575 and Rms envelope compander chip set, fully user programmable
AF bandwidth 30 Hz ÷ 20 kHz (wideband), 30 Hz ÷ 15 kHz (narrowband)
Frequency response ± 0.5 dB in the 30 Hz ÷ 19 kHz range (wideband),
± 0.5 dB in the 30 Hz ÷ 13 kHz (narrowband)
Distortion 0.3 % typical
SND/D ratio (Analogue) 104 dB typical**
SND/D ratio (AES3) > 125 dB typical
Audio output Electronically balanced on 3 pin mini-XLR Female connector
analogue or digital (SW selectable), impedance ≤ 200 ohm
Audio output level MAX +18 dBu (peak deviation), adjustable in one dB step in a range of 54 dB
Digital output AES3 @ 48 kHz
Monitor output Stereo Plug 3.5mm(TRS) Locking (M6 x 0.5 thread)
Monitor output level 2 X 100mW @ 32 Ohm
Managing interface Infrared/micro-USB
Display OLED 128x64 (white)
Front buttons Simple operation with 4 buttons to quickly monitor and setup the receiver.
One touch function for a frequency scan and sync function.
Powering 2 x IEC-LR6 1.5V size-AA alkaline or NiMh rechargeable
- C3-V3 battery pack
- KLIC 8000 or CR-V3R lithium (i.e. DR9708 duracell)
Battery life approx. 7 hours with MPRLBP Lithium-ion battery pack CS-KLIC8000 type
Temperature range -10 ÷ + 50 °C
Dimensions 91mm x 71.5mm x 27mm (HxWxD) with clip
Weight 100 g approx. without batteries
  *RMS value, A-weighted, 22 Hz / 22 KHz

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