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Zaxcom - ZGB GUI Bridge

Zaxcom - ZGB GUI Bridge
Zaxcom - ZGB GUI Bridge Zaxcom - ZGB GUI Bridge
Product Code: ZGB
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-A web based GUI to control the URX50s and URX100s, to use it your customers will need a Zaxcom GUI Bridge connected to a TRXCL3. It's extremely intuitive and can be used on any device with a web browser on it, you just type in the IP address and you're good to go
-The GUI controls things like permissions, naming, etc. For example, you can let your script supervisor only listen to your cart mix, but you can allow the director to toggle between each of the talent mics and your mix if you wanted to

Control: via embedded data on RF Channel #1
Receiver Audio
Format: Mono headphone analog output Dynamic Range:  110 dB Distortion:  0.002% Frequency Range: 20Hz to 16kHz DAC Bit-depth:  24 bits
Audio Delay: 0 to 200 mS
1 KHz Notch Filter: 60 dB attenuation / 5 Hz Bandwidth Headphone Audio Output Impedance: 16 ohms Output Power: 100 mW Output Type: Headphone driver Output connector: 3.5 mm Mode: 1-Channel unbalanced

Speaker Audio Output
Output Power: 200 mW
Speaker: 2” permanent magnet
Speaker Frequency Response: 200Hz to 16 KHz Timecode - Visible display on OLED
Power Internal Power: 3 AA Batteries Li-Ion Battery Life: Up to 11 hours NiMH Battery Life: Up to 10 hours Alkaline Battery life: Up to 7 hours
Power Consumption: .8 watts *Run times are approximate and will be refined as more testing is done* Misc. Weight: 4.5 oz without batteries Dimensions: 4.1” x 2.5” x .9” Display: Graphic OLED Panel


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