The soft rubber ear-mold is ideal for use with the acoustic tube on a surveillance headset.  They are designed not to plug the ear canal, allowing outside sound to pass through unaffected.  They work great in situations where walkie talkie communication is needed while mixing sound with stereo headphones.  They may also alleviate the ear fatigue that can occur by using the standard plug style earpiece that comes stock on most surveillance headset tubes. 

• EPLS - Left Small
• EPRS - Right Small
• EPLM - Left Medium
EPRM - Right Medium
EPLL - Left Large
EPRL - Right Large

Tactical Eargadgets - Earmolds

  • Brand: Tactical Eargadgets
  • Product Code: EPLS, EPRS, EPLM, EPRM, EPLL, EPRL
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