The Deity Microphones TC-SL1 Screen Protector is a must-have accessory for any filmmaker or videographer who uses the TC-SL1 timecode slate on their production. This screen protector offers superior protection for the dry erase area on the TC-SL1 timecode slate, safeguarding it from potential damage caused by sharpie markers and adhesives left from tape.

• Offers 3H Hardness Protection

• Anti-Bubble Application

• 90% Translucent

• Anti-Reflective Surface

• 3 Screen Protectors Per Pack

Dimensions Weight 50g (packaged)
Packaging Dimensions 11*25*0.4cm 4.4*9.8*.2inch
Included In the Box 3x Screen Protectors 6x Alcohol Wipes

Deity - TC-SL1 Timecode Slate Screen Protector

  • Brand: Deity
  • Product Code: DTS0286D63
  • $19.00

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