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Rycote - Windshield Kit 8 (WS8)

Rycote - Windshield Kit 8 (WS8)
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The Rycote Full Windshield Kit is the professionals' choice when maximum isolation from wind and handling noise is required. The kit is comprised of the following components:

Rycote's suspensions provide complete isolation against handling noise and cable-borne noises, by supporting the microphone in a cradle arrangement using Lyre suspension webs.

The Windshield basket, the first layer of wind-shielding protection for your microphone, completely surrounds the microphone and its connector and slides onto the Modular Suspension to provide up to 30dB of wind noise attenuation.

The Windjammer is designed to fit perfectly over the Modular Windshield. It gives an additional 20dB of wind noise attenuation. Fitted with a drawstring & toggle to allow snug and easy fitting.

Suitable for shotgun microphones from 451mm up to 540mm in length. Lyre Cradles are fitted.

Body Windshield Length: 330mm (13")
Extension Length: 260 (10 1/4")
Total Length Including End Caps: 700 (27 1/2")
Modular Suspension: Large (3 Mod)

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