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Schoeps - SuperCMIT 2 U

Schoeps - SuperCMIT 2 U
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The Schoeps SuperCMIT 2 U defines a new category of shotgun microphone, with directivity that goes beyond anything previously known. It offers the recording engineer entirely new possibilities. The SuperCMIT 2 U has three pushbuttons which control the filters and presets of the microphone. The two filters are identical to those of Schoeps CMIT 5 U analog shotgun microphone: 

• High-frequency boost (+5 dB at 10 kHz) compensates for losses due to windscreens.
• Steep low-cut (18 dB/oct. below 80 Hz) suppresses low-frequency wind and boom noise.

The second output channel always carries the signal of the regular shotgun. The "Preset" button controls the directivity for the signal on the first output channel (SuperCMIT 2 U). Two settings are available:

• Preset 1: moderate directivity increase (green LED); ca. 11 dB reduction in diffuse sound (5 dB greater than a Schoeps
   CMIT 5 U or channel 2 of the SuperCMIT 2 U)
• Preset 2: strong directivity increase (red LED); ca. 15 dB diffuse sound reduction. This setting is reserved for special
   applications since sonic artifacts can occasionally be heard.

AES42 Interface: The SuperCMIT 2 U is a digital microphone. Its output signal format is AES42, Mode 1. This means that it runs on its own clock (48 kHz) and must be driven by an AES42 input with a sample rate converter (SRC). With the optional PSD 2U powering adapter.  It can also be used with a conventional AES3 input, having built-in SRC.  The AES42 standard defines the interface for digital microphones. In the simplest case AES42 requires only an AES-3 interface plus 10-Volt digital phantom powering (DPP). AES42 interfaces are available in some equipment such as the RME DMC-842 8-channel interface and the Sound Devices 788T portable 8-channel recorder.


31 dBFS at 1 Pa

Equivalent Noise Level (A-weighted)

channel 1: 14 dB-A

channel 2: 16 dB-A

Equivalent Noise Level (CCIR)

channel 1: 27 dB

channel 2: 28 dB

Maximum SPL

125 dB-SPL



80 Hz with 18 dB/oct.

5 dB lift at 10 kHz (shelving)


10 V digital phantom powering (AES42)

Current consumption

170 mA


AES42, Mode 1, sample rate: 48 kHz, resolution: 24 bit

channel 1: SuperCMIT

channel 2: regular CMIT (shotgun signal only)

Latency period

at 1 kHz:

channel 1: 3.4 ms

channel 2: 1.6 ms


280 mm (11'')


21 mm (0.83'')


4 oz (112 grams)

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