The TRX743 with ZHD technology is a plug-on style digital wireless transmitter for all professional microphone varieties - mono analog, stereo analog, AES, and AES42 (various cone choices available).  This product is ideal for wireless transmission of microphones on boompoles, handheld, or plant-mic scenarios.  The TRX743 comes standard with a built-in recorder, timecode reader/generator, and the ability to receive timecode and remote control commands via ZaxNet 2.4GHZ RF. Zaxcom's ZHD high density modulation technology will allow more frequencies to fit within a smaller bandwidth space without creating RF intermodulation. This not only allows the availability of more usable frequencies, but also greatly increases the range of the transmitter.


Also comes in TRX743.5 which covers blocks 20 through 23 (512 - 614 MHz) or TRX743.6 (blocks 23 - 26; 596 - 698 MHz).


*ZHD mode spacing varies based on receivers used.


Zaxcom - TRX743 ZHD

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