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Sennheiser - MZD 8000

Sennheiser - MZD 8000
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The MZD 8000 is a compact digital module that converts the MKH 8000 series microphones to a digital signal without any loss of quality.  The compact digital module is easily screwed onto the microphone head in place of the XLR module, turning the audio signal of the MKH 8020 (omni-directional), MKH 8040 (cardioid) and MKH 8050 (super-cardioid) into a digital one.  In contrast to conventional digitization, which uses a separate analogue/digital converter at some stage in the chain, the Sennheiser MZD 8000 digital module eliminates cable losses and features a converter and surrounding circuitry that have been optimally matched to the microphone.  With the aid of dedicated PC control software and an AES 42 interface, the microphone allows settings such as the low-cut filter and attenuation to be remote-controlled. The required phantom power for microphones is provided by an AES 42 interface, e.g. Neumann’s DMI. 



• 2-channel 24 Bit-AD-converter, dynamic range 115 dB

• Studio grade preamp and converter

• Sampling rate 44.1 kHz, 48kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4kHz and 192 kHz

• Remote controlled DSP functions like low cut filter and attenuation

• Digital output in AES 42 format

• External synchronization via AES 42, Mode 2

• Color: Nextel® black, non reflecting, matching to MKH 8000 series




• Digital module MZD 8000

• User manual


Dimensions (Diameter x Length)

19 x 96 mm

Frequency response (microphone)

10 Hz - 80 kHz



2.3 oz (65 g)


Ø 19 mm

Sensitivity in free field, no load (1kHz)

In free field, no load -31 dBFS (MKH 8020)

Operating temperature

-10 °C - 60°C


Power supply

10V DPP (AES 42-phantom power)

Current consumption

< 160mA

Operating voltage (mains)

7V… 10.5V


AD conversion

24 Bit / 44,1 - 192 kHz Delta-Sigma

Group delay time

22/ 19/ 15 samples (single/ double/ quad speed)

Harmonic distortion

<-100 dBFS (at -1 dBFS)

Inherent self-noise

< -120 dBFS (Mono Mode, 40 Ohm)

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