• Mozegear - Tig Q28 Timecode Generator

The Mozegear Tig Q28 timecode generator is tiny (2.8 cubic inches), but don't let that fool you.  It has plenty of features.  The Q28 works with all standard frame rates, and is capable of cross jamming.  It has a standard jamming indicator light as well as a frame rate discrepency indicator.  There is a variable timecode output level, and a "flow through audio design" that creates better usability with cameras and recorders that are not built to receive a direct timecode feed.  It also has a new "show" feature that will tell you the timecode in hours and minutes.  It is built for work in the field with an aluminum body, steel faceplate, reinforced center support, and a battery tube that keeps the batteries secure, even if dropped. 

• Flow Through Audio 

The Q28 offers a timecode solution for single input cameras and recorders.  It combines both the audio and timecode into a single output so that it works with devices that do not have timecode inputs (i.e. DSLR’s). 

• Variable Timecode Output Level  

The output level of the TIG Q28 has 15 adjustable settings between 20mV and 3V.  This design means that it will work with many recorders, cameras, and devices. 

• NEW “Show” Position for current timecode

When the switch is turned to the “show” position, the Tig will tell you the current timecode in hours and minutes. 

• Frame Rate Discrepancy Indicator  

The “frame rate discrepancy indicator” will evaluate the incoming timecode rate and flash two seconds on, two seconds off to let you know the rate you are cross jamming. This eliminates jamming incorrect frame rates.  

• Jamming Indicator

While jamming, a light on the TIG Q28 will flash once a second to reassure you that the jam is successful. If you are cross jamming, it will flash once every two seconds.

• Supports All Standard Frame Rates

All standard frame rates are supported: 23.976, 24 25, 29.97, 29.97DF, 30, 30DF.

• High Level Accuracy Design

With a PPM of just .5 and a temperature controlled crystal oscillator (TCXO), the Tig Q28 is an accurate source of timecode.

• Cross Jam

The Tig will cross jam all rates and the LED will specifically indicate that it is cross jammed.

Two-Year Manufacturers Warranty

• Made in the USA


TCXO Crystal

+/- .5PPM

Battery Power

2 AAA batteries

Variable Level Output

Adjustable between 6 mV and 3V

Battery Life

16+ hours


1.9 ounces (without batteries)


2.125" x 2.625" x 0.5"


Aluminum with reinforced center support and battery tube

External Power


Output Connector

Either 5 pin Lemo or BNC (depending on version purchased) or mini phone jack can be used as an output connector (included on all versions)

Input Jam Connector

Mini phone jack or 5 pin Lemo (5 pin lemo not available on BNC version)

Flow Through Audio Input

mini phone jack

Mozegear - Tig Q28 Timecode Generator

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