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MicroGaffer - Multicolor Pocket Size Gaffer's Tape (4-pack)

MicroGaffer - Multicolor Pocket Size Gaffer's Tape (4-pack)
Product Code: Color 4-pack
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Gaffer's tape is one of the most useful things on location or set.  As a sound mixer, a big roll of gaff tape can be difficult to carry around with all the other stuff.  The folks over at microGAFFER have created a convenient solution to this dilemma.  Each roll of microGAFFER is 1 inch wide by 8 yards long by 2.4 inches in diameter, and weighs only 2 ounces. Instead of lugging a big roll around with you, just carry microGAFFER in your pocket or gear bag. You'll be ready to solve problems as they come up, wherever you are.

The Milticolor 4-pack comes with one red, one blue, one brown, and one purple roll of microGAFFER tape.


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