The PSC M5 Pro microphone shock mount builds upon the fundamental design principles of the original PSC/McDonald Universal Shock Mount in use world-wide since 1985. It is made from robust, light weight aircraft aluminum and utilizes a unique clear glide three stage vibration isolation system to virtually eliminate the physical transmission of all unwanted low frequency rumble and handling noise.


• Universal design: The M5 Pro accepts most popular microphones from short to medium shotguns and facilitates quick
  microphone changes in the field.
• The unique, Clear GlideTM 3-stage isolation system virtually eliminates physically transmitted noise.
• The M5 Pro can be swiveled 180 degrees, allowing “flat to the pole” microphone positioning.
• PSC’s proprietary Clear GlideTM surgical grade silicone, microphone suspension rings bring new clarity to
  microphone suspensions.
• Dual, high density rubber, ceiling bumpers squelch extraneous dynamic reverberations.
• A 360 degree, textured aircraft aluminum suspension cage protects your prized microphones, while diffusing reflected
• Made in the U.S.A.


PSC / McDonald - M5 Pro Shock Mount

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