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Delkin - 16gb SDHC 633X

Delkin - 16gb SDHC 633X
Product Code: DDSDELITE633-16GB
Sales SKU: DEL SD16G633
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Shoot with a card that can finally keep up with your multitrack audio recorder, HD and 3D enabled video camera, or DSLR. The Delkin Elite 633 SDHC memory card boasts an incredible 80 MBps write speed and 95 MBps read speed, making it the fastest SDHC card on the market. The new UHS (Ultra High Speed) bus-interface is fully compatible with SDHC and SDXC host devices and guarantees greater performance in applications where recording real-time broadcasts and capturing large-size HD videos is imperative.

Unlike memory cards that are mass-built and boated in from overseas facilities, the Delkin SDHD 633X card is built with carefully chosen and controlled components to increase longevity, reliability and overall quality. This card is designed, engineered and built in San Diego, CA and supported by Delkin's lifetime warranty.

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