The LAV-STRAP UNIVERSAL is an adjustable lavalier microphone mount/strap that provides a small and next to invisible profile even under the thinnest shirts. The ability to adjust the size of the strap allows it to go from S-XL in size for extra versatility. It is still low profile, but slightly thicker than the original LAV-STRAP due to the slider. For thin and tight attire, the original LAV-STRAP is recommended (available in three sizes). The LAV-STRAP UNIVERSAL has 3 sections for mounting lavaliers: A smaller sized pocket for sub-miniature lavalieres like the B6 and MKE1 and COS-11D, a medium sized pocket for lavaliers like the MKE-2 and DPA 4060 lineup, and a larger pocket in order to use accessories like the RM-11. The LAV-STRAP UNIVERSAL is sold in a two pack (one beige and one black strap).

The LAV-STRAP UNIVERSAL is a great tool to help with chest hair noise and sweaty situations where adhesives may not work.  It is low-profile, easy to use, and comfortable.  

Sound Guys Solutions (SGS) - Lav Strap Universal

  • $30.00