Deliver pristine audio quality with the TRXCL5 wide-band camera link transmitter for sound professionals in film, television or ENG applications.

Weighing 7.3 oz, it’s constructed from an impact resistant metal casing that’s cool to the touch. A bright OLED display provides easy menu navigation.


The TRXCL5 sends audio with embedded timecode to camera via a UHF signal to any Zaxcom receiver – QRX200, RX200, QRX235 or MRX/RX-4. It can also send audio and timecode via ZaxNet’s 2.4 GHz signal to an ERX3TCD receiver, or remote control commands to any Zaxcom digital recording wireless transmitter.
A TA5 audio input offers balanced stereo line level or sample rate converting AES. The BNC connector provides timecode in.
New on the CL5 is an RS422 port for direct connection to the Zaxcom GUI Bridge so you can easily setup URX50/100 and remote control your wireless via any device that can access the internet.



The TRXCL5 transmits using 100% digital modulation and audio is fully encrypted to keep recordings private.



Audio can be simultaneously transmitted and internally recorded to a microSD card using MARF (Mobile Audio Recording Format) which eliminates file corruption common to recordings due to loss of power or early card removal.



The TRXCL5 is designed to limit intermodulation which can occur when multiple transmitters are in close proximity to each other and mix together.



ZaxNet allows you to send or receive timecode, scratch track audio and remote control commands.



In the United States, the TRXCL5 runs in the frequencies and power outputs as follows:
512.0 to 607.9 (up to 100mW)
614.1 to 615.9 (20mW)
653.1 to 662.9 (20mW)
Globally, the TRXCL5 runs between 512.0 – 698.0 MHz
Capacity Transmitter
RF Modulation - Proprietary Digital Method
TRXCL5 US RF Freq Ranges
512.0 to 607.9 MHz
614.1 to 615.9 MHz
653.1 to 662.9 MHz
Global RF Freq Range - 512 to 698 MHz
RF Frequency Step - 100 KHz
RF Bandwidth in ZHD Mode - 50 KHz
RF Bandwidth - 200 KHz
Channel Separation in XR Mode - 400 KHz
Antenna Connector - 50 Ω SMA Female
Emission Designator - 180 KV2E
FCC Part - 74.861

Transmitter Audio
Dynamic Range 114 dB
Distortion - 0.002%
Frequency Response Mode 0 is 20 Hz to 16 kHz / T & M Mode is 0.2 Hz to 16 kHz
System Group Delay - 3.5 ms
Audio input connector - TA5 male
Analog Input Range: -10 to +4 dBu
Analog input type - balanced line level
Audio input Impedance - 4.7 k Ω
ADC Bit-Depth - 24 Bits
ADC Sampling-Rate - 48 kHz
AES input - Balanced with sample rate conversion
Sample rate range - 32 Khz to 96 Khz

Timecode Reader / Generator
Clock Accuracy 1.54 PPM (1 Frame Out in 6 Hours)
Timecode Type - SMPTE
Timecode Frame-Rates: 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97NDF, 29.97DF, 30NDF, 30DF

Internal Recording
Media MicroSD Card (Flash Memory)
File Format - .ZAX
Recording Time - 96 Hours (16 GB Card)

2.4 GHz ZaxNet Transmitter
RF Frequency Range 2.403 to 2.475 GHz
RF Modulation - Digital Spread Spectrum
RF Frequency Step - 0.001 GHz (1 MHz)
RF Bandwidth - 1 MHz Channel Separation
Channel Separation - 2 MHz
Sensitivity: -96 dBm
RF power output - 100 mW max

Physical / Power
Weight - 7.3 oz
Dimensions (H x W x D) - 1”x 3.55” x 3.23”
Display - Graphic OLED
Power Output - 25 / 50 / 100 mW – Software Selectable
Power consumption - 2.13 watts
*Power measured pre-output band pass filter

Zaxcom - TRXCL5 - Camera Link

  • Brand: Zaxcom
  • Product Code: TRXCL5
  • $2,495.00

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