This mic series is perfect for your film assignment or for any other situation where you need a completely hidden microphone. With sound on par with DPA’s legacy d:screet™ 4060 Series Omni Mics you can be sure that the d:screet™ 4160 Series Slim will not disappoint. This mic is flat and short with a cable that runs perpendicular to the sound inlet, ensuring easy mounting and a tiny footprint.
When used with the detachable Button-Hole Mount or Concealer, the mic becomes invisible. This Button-Hole Mount is placed on the mic head and has a small side entry pipe (Ø 2 mm) making it possible to have the sound enter through a button hole, or similar, directly to the diaphragm. The d:screet™ 4060 Series Slim, like all other DPA mics, easily adapts to your needs via the MicroDot connector, offering a range of accessories and adapters available for all pro-wireless systems.

d:screet™ 4161 Slim Omni Miniature Mic

The d:screet™ Slim 4161 features the same capsule as the d:screet™ 4061 Omnidirectional Miniature Microphone, but in a different housing. Its sensitivity is adjusted to accommodate higher sound pressure levels – it handles 144 dB peak before clipping. This makes it one of the best miniatures for use on very loud voices. The d:screet™ Slim 4161 is 10 dB less sensitive than the d:screet™ Slim 4160 and therefore works well when used for hidden applications, for example mounted on the head or forehead of a theater performer. In this placement, the sound pressure level is about 10 dB louder than what you encounter with chest placement (lapel microphone). With its ability to handle sound pressure levels up to 144 dB before clipping, this mic delivers sound on par with the legacy d:screet™ 4061. It is a suitable choice for any application requiring big sound and a small, hidden footprint.

Flexible adapter system

All of DPA’s microphones can be configured to run easily and effortlessly with a wireless system. We use a unique MicroDot termination on our microphones together with a changeable adapter to ensure secure configuration. All of the adapters we use are original, developed and manufactured by the wireless system brand you use. This ensures that your mic will work consistently with no connection trouble to your system.
The adapters for wireless systems give you flexible, simple and affordable possibilities. You are no longer bound to one wireless system. As circumstances change, you can just switch your adapter, instead of incurring the cost of a new microphone. When you make the switch, you won't hear any loss or change in sound quality. Using an adapter for wireless, our microphones with MicroDot termination are compatible with the professional wireless systems listed below. Many of these brands have several model numbers. To ensure compatibility you should find your particular model number, which in most cases can be found on the transmitter. Other configurations are possible; however, DPA Microphones cannot guarantee full compatibility in these cases. Wireless brands we work with: AKG, Audio Ltd., Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Electro-Voice, Lectrosonics, Line 6, Micron, Mipro, Pastega, Ramsa, Sabine, Samson, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Telex, TOA, Trantec, Vega, Wisycom and Zaxcom. If you prefer to run via a wired system, all of the DPA mics are available with an XLR connector.


DPA - 4161 SLIM omnidirectional lavalier

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